TecPIV v1901

A new version of TecPIV is available on github. TecPIV is not developed on MATLAB 2018b. The windows of the GUI have been redesigned. Each window is a separate figure, which gives more flexibility to adapt its size to the content. That’s a minor change for the user but was lots of change under the hood.

What’s more important, is the ability to calculate the Lagrangian sum of displacement and finite strain tensor components.

The GUI is clearer now, the user can plot as a scalar value, the derivatives of the incremental or cumulative displacements, the components of the small strain tensor, or the components of the finite strain tensor. Also available are the first and second invariant of these tensors (assuming a 2D tensor), and principal strain.

Back on the more trivial topics, the colormap of the plotted scalar value, and the rectified view of the model are now fused into one single bitmap. Previous versions of TecPIV exported two bitmap on top of one another with the top one being semi-transparent. This was difficult to handle in graphics packages like Inkscape, and sometimes the scalar colormap was gone. Now the output files (pdf) should be more friendly in Inkscape.

I will post some features of the new version here soon.

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