Download & install

TecPIV can be downloaded from Github.

It is collection of MATLAB functions that must be included in your MATLAB path.

  • Download TecPIV from Github master branch
  • Unzip the file where you want to keep your MATLAB functions (~/MATLAB or ~/Documents/MATLAB where ~ is your home folder).
  • Start MATLAB and navigate to the TecPIV folder
  • Add this folder and all folders inside to your MATLAB path using the MATLAB Path menu.
  • Select TecPIV.m and right click  “run” or press F7

TecPIV versions

Projects created with TecPIV are only aware of the functions that exist in TecPIV at the time of creation. So if a function is updated, the update can be used in oder projects. However, new versions of TecPIV usually include new functions or new variables in making the new versions of TecPIV not able to use the old projects properly.

Then I suggest two approaches:

  1. Re-import the tiff files in a new project. You save time by not converting the DNG to tiff again. However, you still need to do the calibration, correction and correlation.
  2. Ask me for the old version of TecPIV if you have not saved a copy (I suggest you keep the zip files)